Design Museum of Barcelona

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This is one side of the Design Museum of Barcelona (Museu del Disseny de Barcelona). I was lucky to have been stranded in Barcelona for a few days and just happen to get a hotel right next door to this. While the city has more than enough ancient architecture, it is also a center for modern design and architecture that, beginning with Antonio Gaudi, spans the full breadth of imagination. Daily Image On the day that I took the clouds reflected on the windows of the building creating this unusual effect. This is an example of why I am just …

Hilton Molino Stucky

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This is the Hilton Molino Stucky in Venice. I took this in the evening from a water taxi as we passed by. The moon was full and I managed to snap this just as it appeared over the spire. The clouds created a dramatic effect and I was actually surprised this turned out at all. Daily Image I used an aperture of f1.8 and an ISO of 10000 and a shutter speed of 125th of a second. All that translates into an ability to take hand-held photos at night from a moving boat. I’m still amazed that this is possible …

Architectural Appreciation

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I took this on Architectural Appreciation day. That’s a joke, there’s no such thing, at least that I’m aware of. Daily Image This building is in central Amsterdam. It struck me as a statement of architecture. It was cold and I had competing thoughts that there wasn’t anything worth taking a picture of. That’s how my mind works, it’s always looking for an out when the weather is not good. I looked straight up and decided I better setup despite the protestations of my body and complaining mind. I think that if I lived in Europe I’d shoot a lot …

Iconic Morning

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I can be such a tourist at times, like when I took this shot of the Vancouver Convention Centre against the back drop of the harbour, bridge and mountains. It would not surprise me if there are a thousand of these photos taken everyday. To prove my point there was a little plaque where I stood to describe the scene. One minor difference is that I took this at an ungodly hour on a Sunday morning before any self respecting tourist was out of bed. Check out more images from the Vancouver gallery But its karma, or something like it. …

Koerner Library

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This is the Koerner Library building at the University of British Columbia. I walked through UBC on my way back from taking pictures along the shoreline. I was amazed at how big the UBC campus is. To me, coming from a small town, it seemed enormous and I suppose this is just one of many libraries scattered throughout. The sun was setting behind the building so it added a dramatic flare, at least to my eyes which never saw this building before. I think that faculty and students don’t even bat an eye, and the thought of taking a picture …

Sagrada Familia

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I took this iPhone photo of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona rather than with my normal camera. It was the day before I went inside and was traveling in an open roof tour bus. I used photoshop to remove the construction cranes towering above. I did it as an experiment to see what it would look like without the distractions. Little did I know the cranes have been there for years and will be for about another ten years until construction completes in about 2030. In the meantime this is my idea of what it might look like when complete. Sagrada …

Avon Well

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Purchase Print While walking around a park in Connecticut I came across this structure that I could see from quite a distance. Turns out it’s a well and according to the plaque it can pump three million gallons a day. To me that seems incredible, such a large amount of water. Maybe that’s normal? I’ll bet they could use this in California right now. Anyway, I was impressed enough that I took this picture.