Two Bridges to Brooklyn

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This is a view of two bridges to Brooklyn I took from the One World Observatory. I thought it was called the Freedom Tower but I guess the name was changed a while back. Nevertheless it’s a great place to visit when you’re in town. And if you’re a photographer, the sky is the limit, literally. It probably took me an hour and a half to walk around the main observation deck. I stopped every few feet to take photos of some different angle on the city. I can’t help it; I get carried away. Daily Image I used a …

Under the Bridge

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Obtain Print The view looking north from under the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge. This was taken at sunrise and was the starting point of an all day photowalk with my fellow cohorts from the Arcanum. Twenty miles and fourteen hours later we ended up at the opposite side of this bridge shooting in the opposite direction. It was an epic day to say the least.

Love Locks

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Obtain print Love locks on the Brooklyn Bridge. I wonder if the day will come when these have to be removed. As far as I can tell the bridge seems pretty sturdy and I don’t think the extra weight even registers. Moving along, how cool would it be to leave a lock and then return several years later to see it again? A funny little quirk of how we roll. Sentimentality is a cool thing when it comes out like this me thinks.

South Street Seaport

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Click to purchase If you work on lower Manhattan and live in Brooklyn, chances are you come here to catch a ferry. Such was the case on this Friday afternoon . The waters of these rivers move fast and these boats have a lot of power. It’s amazing to see how they maneuver in and around the traffic from one side to the other. I stood here mesmerized by the scene for a few minutes before grabbing a cab for Battery Park to catch the sunset.

Brooklyn Dreamscape

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CLICK TO PURCHASE A couple of weeks ago I was here with my fellow cohorts of the Arcanum. This was the end of a long day and I think sleep was not far from my mind. For me sleep is like this, things look normal, and then they start to slip, become glassy, and then before you know it you’re gone. So that’s why I call this a dreamscape, it feels that if I look at this too long I might just nod off over my keyboard. Good night all.

Surreal Brooklyn

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CLICK TO PURCHASE This is taken from the banks of the East River on the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge. A group of us from the Arcanum showed up before dawn to capture the sunrise but there were plenty of other subjects at hand as well. These old concrete pilings are probably leftover from some pier or docks in ages past. How cool would it be to travel back in time and see what was here a century ago. Until that time it will just have to be a part of my imagination and the help of a photo …

Last Stop Brooklyn

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CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE This weekend I was in New York City for a photowalk with some colleagues at the Arcanum. It was a busy weekend with many stops at iconic locations in lower Manhattan, midtown and Brooklyn. On Saturday we estimated walking between fifteen to twenty miles. This was the last stop of the evening after crossing the Brooklyn Bridge in the afternoon. It was a fitting end to a day that began before sunrise at the opposite end of this same bridge.