Houses in Nassau

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I was on a tour boat when I snapped this row of houses in Nassau. It was my first time to the Bahamas and it pretty much lived up to expectations. At least as far as what I saw on the tour, which included some amazing waterfront homes. Daily Image Our tour took us to a beach where we sat under umbrellas and watched the waves. I know that sounds great, and it was, but I’m from Florida and I get that at home. Since then I decided to visit places unlike where I live. Nonetheless, what I saw is …

Leaving on an Airplane

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I’ve had jobs where every week I’d be leaving on an airplane. It still happens sometimes but not as much. So when I’m not traveling I like to take the time to do what “normal” people do. Meaning, going for a drive, letting time pass, waking up in my own bed. When I took this shot the jet in the sky brought those memories to my mind. I was the guy up there looking down at the people enjoying the rest of their Sunday. Being up in that plane is neither good nor bad, it just is what it is. …


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Obtain print This is a shot of the Florida beach town of Clearwater taken from Honeymoon Island State Park. This is a long exposure that I took from a breakwater that jetted out into the gulf. Normally when you are in Clearwater there is a lot going on, so much to see and do. But from here, a distance of about eight miles, everything seemed so peaceful and calm.