Close to Home

Due to some other priorities I’ve been staying close to home lately. That’s been nice because I get to visit all my favorite photo locations within a short drive. But I just realized I haven’t been back to this park in about two years. It just got put at the top of the list. I like it here because of the ponds and the reflections, so I just need to wait for some nice clouds and head over in the next few days. They were going to put a water park here, that was over a year ago but I’ve …

Morning Light in Tom Bennett Park

CLICK TO PURCHASE I’m posting this to remind myself to get outside after it stops raining. That’s when we get great light and as everyone knows, photographers love unusual shades and hues of light. Right after a storm is one of those times. In any case, this was taken in the morning after an evening of rain and with any luck I’ll get out again today or tomorrow morning for some similar shots. In the meantime, have a great day everyone.