Learning to Fly

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It never really occurred to me, but birds learn to fly. They aren’t born flying and after they hatch much of their development is learning to fly. They learn by watching their parents and practicing all of the little steps until they master each one. It takes a lot of practice. Daily Image What got me thinking about this is an eagle-cam on YouTube. I’ve watched as the egg hatched and grew to an almost full grown eaglet in just under three months. E9, as he is known, will soon leave the nest and strike out on his own. I’ve …

The Heron Dreams

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As the waves lap upon the shore and the stars circle the night sky, the Heron dreams. In dreams we inhabit the same landscape, perhaps. Daily Image We miss so much when we don’t acknowledge nature. I have recently come to believe that the elemental spirits of nature, those we call animals, are so much more connected with the truth of life than we will ever know. I am astonished at how much these beings revere us. We take it for granted, we always have. But if we stop and think, better yet, if we connect with them, we may …

Patiently Waiting

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It seems almost anywhere I go along the water there are herons close by. They are attracted to fishermen as they wait for any scraps or bait. With this heron patiently waiting I setup and shot the image using a low angle. Even though I was holding a camera between him and the fishermen he stood his ground watching me with one eye and the fishermen with the other. Herons are patient, single minded and determined. I sat here for about thirty minutes and he was still there when I left. They are territorial so I suspect this was his …

Roseate Spoonbills

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The other day I was walking through the newly opened Perico Preserve when I spotted these Roseate Spoonbills. They were busy feeding in the shallows of a pond and they didn’t seem to mind me taking their picture. I was struck by the color of their feathers which reminded me of flamingos. When I was in southern France I heard that the flamingos are pink because they eat so much shrimp. I’m no expert but I wonder about that since even flamingos in captivity are pink. These spoonbills are not in captivity and I don’t think they eat much shrimp. …

Fort De Soto Beach

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Visits┬áto the beach This is Fort De Soto Beach a couple of days ago. With the holiday over we decided to head to the beach and unwind. This is a section that looks across towards the Sunshine Skyway Bridge as it enters Tampa Bay. I don’t spend as much time at the beach as you might think. I go for photography quite a bit, but to sit and vegetate, rarely. I suppose that’s common among us who live here, we take it for granted. I go maybe two or three times a year. But as I say, for photography I …

Piggly Wiggly

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Purchase Print This is from a dairy farm a few months ago. This little fellow was so friendly and interested in what I was doing he followed me everywhere. He was probably looking for a handout but I could help but be smitten with his charms. I’m one of those people that believes animals have personalities and generally know more than we give them credit for. Call me naive but I think that presents a world quite different than the one we think we live in.

Egret on a Pier

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Purchase Print These little guys are not shy. For the most part they’ve become accustomed to humans and you can usually get within a few feet before they skitter away. I was about ten feet from this fellow as he fished from a pier at the beach. One day I came out of a store only to find one standing on my car. I walked up and got in and he never even moved. We have a tall one that lives near our house and I usually spot him on our driveway in the morning. As soon as I walk …

Dog’s Eye View

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CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE Last weekend I came to the local farmers market with my dogs. It gets pretty hot in the day so I sat down on the sidewalk under a tree across from some local musicians. Sitting there I thought, why not shoot the scene from Wiggle’s point of view. So this is the result of that. We sat there for a few minutes listening to the music and enjoying the atmosphere. Then moved on to check out more cool stuff.

Marley Under the Desk

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This is Marley sitting under my desk waiting for me to play with him. He always sits within a few feet and patiently waits for me to look his way an signal that it’s time for a little play. I think I am a very lucky guy. Click on photo to enlarge