Vancouver Terminal

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This image is based on the Vancouver terminal, or YVR as its also known. Each time I travel here I am intrigued by the construction. The architects created an exoskeleton with which they hung the functional necessities of the terminal. The form and function are indistinguishable from one another. I’ve noticed this elsewhere and it represents an evolution in how we build. Daily Image In the software industry we employ patterns to do basic tasks. Patterns are the analogs of load-bearing structures used in construction. Software has always drawn parallels from construction, and soon I believe it will occur the …

On Approach

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This is a jet on approach to the airport on California. Over the weekend I stayed at the Marriott hotel adjacent to the San Francisco airport. One of its main attractions is to sit outside and watch the jets land. That sounded a bit odd to me until I stepped outside the first morning. Once I saw it for myself I was mesmerized. I’ve been inside of planes countless times but I’ve never just sat and watched the spectacle. There is a strange fascination with watching large objects descend from the sky. I took a few images and this is …

Tampa Airport

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Tampa is the airport I fly out of most often. Only the other night it wasn’t me but my wife returning from a long trip. That afforded me the opportunity to park on the top level and take some long exposures. The lights at the top are jets landing on the runway behind terminal F. It was a lot of fun being at the airport and not necessarily having to travel. I wasn’t the only one, others were up here watching the action snapping photos as well. A great way to kill an hour. Click on photo to obtain print