Siwash Rock

In Vancouver, at the furthest point along the Stanley Park seawall trail is this unusual formation known as Siwash Rock. Native Americans assign importance to this and the first time I saw it I too felt something special. It is the home of a couple of Canadian Geese which I know because I hiked to the overlook a few weeks ago and could clearly see the two, one resting and one surveying the sea. I’d think that among geese this is a coveted place to call home. Nonetheless, hundreds if not thousands of cyclist, joggers and hikers pass this rock each day. Seems like a great place for people watching, …especially if your a goose.
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Rental Stand

When I first saw this I thought of rum drinks on a tropical island somewhere. However this hut is actually a bike rental stand in at Fort DeSoto park in St. Petersburg, Florida. As it was close to sunset it seemed that all bikes had been returned and the attendant long gone, probably to have a tropical drink at some other stand. I’m still looking for that hut.
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Downtown Arts

After several days of typical rain I (and everyone else) headed out for a walk around the city. From the looks of it the flowers enjoy the rain and are now growing abundantly throughout downtown Vancouver. Just about everywhere you look you’ll see public art. This sculpture sits in a park across from the Vancouver Art Museum. Unfortunately they don’t allow cameras inside and I wasn’t about to part with mine, so that will be saved for another day.

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Flagler College Fountain

The Ponce DeLeon hotel catered to select clientele during it’s peak and is now a four year college in St. Augustine Florida. The architecture here is worth checking out and if you’re ever in St Augustine take the forty minute tour. This is the the courtyard fountain which is a sundial and each of the twelve toads are slightly different in some subtle way.
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Lights From Above

This is the downtown section of Vancouver viewed from Grouse Mountain ski lodge. I’m not sure in what other North American cosmopolitan city folks have access to the slopes with public transit, but in Vancouver it’s not uncommon to see people standing at a bus stop with their snowboard or skis. This evening I took a tram and was rewarded with a spectacular view. While there I met other photographers and a poet from Brazil, it seemed everyone was inspired by the vista. I had no trouble using up two or three hours taking photos and enjoying the view.

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