This little fella decided to move in, but you can see he has a lot of catching up to do. In 2006, Vancouver experienced a devastating windstorm the effects of which can still be seen. With change comes renewal and this little cedar is evidence of that never ending cycle. From the looks of it, he has a lot of sturdy neighbors to keep him company through the many years as he grows to eventually tower through the canopy and see the sunrise on one side and the sunset across the Pacific Ocean on the other.

Look the Other Way

On this particular day I had it in my mind to take a picture of the sunset. Before doing so I found myself captivated by this city view of Vancouver looking across Stanley Park. When I got home and looked at my photos, this one, rather than the sunset shots seemed the better choice. I guess the trick is to not always “assume” I know what’s going to work. Easier said than done for a left-brain guy like myself.

Cold Sunrise

On this cold and windy morning I found myself at a park waiting for sunrise. In general, we have warm weather most of the year here in Florida, but occasionally we disappoint. We think nothing of wearing polar fleece when it drops below room temperature. A few years back I happened to be in a hotel lobby on one of those days and overheard a family at the front desk asking the clerk for directions to the beach. I felt a little sorry for them, this was not a beach day. But, off they went, oblivious to the sixty degree weather.

Joey Bentall One

Something about a cafe on a busy street. I like sitting by a window and watching the world go by. But just as often, when I’m walking by, I like to look in. You can pick up on the character of a place, the type of patrons, the conversations, or perhaps people just, well, watching. Don’t ask me where I’m going with all this, probably nowhere. In any case, this upscale cafe is Joey Bentall One on Burrard in downtown Vancouver. This particular morning they hadn’t yet opened, it was early. But in a few hours, it would be, and so would the street outside.

Timing is Everything

About a half hour before sunset I told the taxi driver to take me to this beach as I wanted to get a photo. Sounds simple enough, right? For whatever reason he dropped me about a mile from here at a trail-head. To this day I still can’t imagine why. Of course I’m not from the area so only after he drove off did I realize my predicament. A quick look at the trail-head sign to get my bearings and I started walking towards the beach, somewhat disappointed, knowing that by the time I reached it the sun would be down. Going as fast as I could I felt a little helpless as I could see the sun setting through the trees. I should have just enjoyed the moment surrounded by huge pines, alone on a quite trail, only I had that feeling you get when you’re late for a meeting. As I walked my mind kept going back to the taxi driver, what was he thinking? When I finally reached the beach, the sun had just set. Somewhat defeated, I setup my tripod and took this photo and it was only then that I realized I had arrived for the picture at the perfect time.


Spring was created by Alan Chung Hung and is semi-hidden in a structure at the center of town. Art is a crazy thing, it can grab you when you least expect. When I post a picture I probably put a little time into it, thirty minutes to a hour all told. But what if I worked on a sculpture for three months, longer even, then unveil it for others to look at, muse or ignore? I don’t know what to make of this other than to say it grabbed my attention, I then pondered it, and thus, I suppose it succeeds. Thank you Alan Chung Hung.

Sky Dolphins

In the winter where I live in Florida we can go for a few weeks without clouds. Kinda makes sense why they call it the sunshine state. Beautiful, but as a photographer it gets boring if the sky figures into your shot. Of course it’s a beach goers paradise and it’s no wonder the population of our state nearly doubles this time of year. On this particular day we had clouds and it was a little chilly, a perfect time to spot tourists because basically they’re the only folks out enjoying the weather. In any case, I hurriedly snapped these dolphins and headed back into the relative warmth of my car while the tourists strolled by enjoying the warm weather and beautiful sunset.

Night Light

Architecture in a city can be pretty dynamic. It gets to the point you walk right by something that could be remarkable without really noticing. Such is the case with this building. As I walk by this most days, it appears typical glass and concrete, I couldn’t even recall where it is, nondescript. One night however I walked by and thought, where did this come from? A few blue lights and it’s a different building, who’da thunk? Seems the more I stop to notice, the more I, well…, notice. Funny how that works. Makes for a more interesting day, or night, as the case may be.

Twenty Dollar Cocktail

As I wandered through this lobby I stood around looking at the menu, all the while eyeing the bar and wondering if it was worthy of plunking my tripod down. I couldn’t help notice the exotic menu and the prices which were, uh…, a little higher than O’Malleys down the street. Nonetheless, I snapped the picture and made a mental note to come back right after I win the lottery.