Cold Sunrise

On this cold and windy morning I found myself at a park waiting for sunrise. In general, we have warm weather most of the year here in Florida, but occasionally we disappoint. We think nothing of wearing polar fleece when it drops below room temperature. A few years back I happened to be in a hotel lobby on one of those days and overheard a family at the front desk asking the clerk for directions to the beach. I felt a little sorry for them, this was not a beach day. But, off they went, oblivious to the sixty degree weather.

Sky Dolphins

In the winter where I live in Florida we can go for a few weeks without clouds. Kinda makes sense why they call it the sunshine state. Beautiful, but as a photographer it gets boring if the sky figures into your shot. Of course it’s a beach goers paradise and it’s no wonder the population of our state nearly doubles this time of year. On this particular day we had clouds and it was a little chilly, a perfect time to spot tourists because basically they’re the only folks out enjoying the weather. In any case, I hurriedly snapped these dolphins and headed back into the relative warmth of my car while the tourists strolled by enjoying the warm weather and beautiful sunset.