Looking for a Sunset

Looking for sunsets can be a blessing and a curse. I find myself always mindful of the direction of the sun and the cloud layer, two prerequisites of a good shot. On this particular day I had very little to look forward to so, being on a mini vacation, I found myself in the hotel bar sipping a drink that was way too colorful. My resolved to ignore the hour gave in and I quickly headed up the elevator to snap this through the window of our 5th floor room which looked out across Flagler College in St Augustine Florida. I quickly performed the task, having given it that “college try” and made haste back to the bar before the next round. This is how I try to keep my priorities. No comments to this post will be accepted, …unless you’re buying the next round.

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Night Light

Architecture in a city can be pretty dynamic. It gets to the point you walk right by something that could be remarkable without really noticing. Such is the case with this building. As I walk by this most days, it appears typical glass and concrete, I couldn’t even recall where it is, nondescript. One night however I walked by and thought, where did this come from? A few blue lights and it’s a different building, who’da thunk? Seems the more I stop to notice, the more I, well…, notice. Funny how that works. Makes for a more interesting day, or night, as the case may be.

Court of Appeals

I received a jury summons yesterday for the exact same day I have a ticket to fly out of the country. I wonder if the judge will excuse me, or will I end up having to excuse myself from the boarding line. On the same day, there was a news item about a man suing his ex-fiance for her $48,000 engagement ring. I found my self turning the merits of that case over in my mind. (What that says about me we’ll save for another day.) Seems there’s a difference of opinion depending on whether your a man or a woman. All of this made it seem appropriate I should post this picture of the Court of Appeals…, or not.

Pan Pacific

I’m not the sharpest tack in the drawer. For a couple of weeks after I took this I couldn’t remember the name of this hotel. This is the lobby of the Pan Pacific in Vancouver.  What caught my attention as I walked by was a banner outside which says Tea at Two. Expecting to see old world charm, or perhaps the queen, I headed in and was presented with this surreal scene. For whatever reason not a single hotel guest was in sight which had me glancing back at the door to make sure I was in the right place. In any case, I’m coming back here one day at two and ordering tea with my best British accent, assuming I haven’t forgotten the name of it by then.


I’m amazed at how much is below the surface in some cities. The next time you see a high-rise, keep in mind that a lot of it is underground; not just parking but restaurants, shops and walkways. Walkways that lead to other buildings and other shops and restaurants and other walkways and, well you get the idea. At first I was baffled by these stacks, but after a little consideration realized that these probably lead to who knows what under my feet. Probably someone sipping on a latte at Starbucks wondering what the weather is like outside.

Front Entrance

The photographer in me is always looking for something just a little out of the ordinary. Such was the case when I walked past this condo. Now, before I go on understand that I’m from Florida and this was in Canada, at it’s March. That said, I was dressed in polar fleece and a Gortex shell and wishing I had a pair of gloves. So what caught my eye as I passed this building was that the front door was wide open. I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised, as the temperature had risen to a balmy 44f/6c and the natives where walking around in shorts.